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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i can't believe i just lost my voice. >> time to catch our breath. we have an exciting show on tap. it's thursday, october 4, 2012. president obama and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail. both campaigns are declaring victory in the first presidential debate. melissa mollet joins us with some of the highlights. >> reporter: good morning. in an hour, president obama will speak at a park in denver, then fly fo wisconsin this afternoon. meantime, romney is headed to
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virginia for a ral lee tonight. they might be moving on, but many are rehashing last night's debate. the debate was make or break for mitt romney who appeared confident, commanding and in control. at times, it seemed a subdued president obama was less prepared allowing romney to steer the direction of the debate. many, including "meet the press" host, david gregory calling romney the clear winner. >> his proposal calls for a tax cut on top of $2 trillion of spending. >> everything he said about my tax plan is inaccurate. if the tax plan he described were a tax plan i was asked to support, i would say absolutely not. >> reporter: there's no time for rest. the senior advisers on the "today" show, early this morning. >> governor romney put more
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preparation into it than they did into the invasion of normandy. i expected a strong performance and got it. >> many were watching governor romney without 30 second attack ads. >> reporter: perhaps most evidence during the closing statement. >> four years ago, i said i'm not a perfect man and wouldn't be a perfect president. that's probably a promise governor romney thinks i kept. i fight every day for the american people. >> no question in my mind, if the president were to continue to be reelected, there will be a middle class squeeze. i'll get incomes up again. >> they weren't the only characters in last night's debate. twitter and face book lit up with viewers commenting and arguing. it was the most tweeted event in
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political history. ket? >> the next presidential debate is the 16th in long island. it will be in the form of a town hall meeting. undecided voters will ask questions. they will focus on foreign and domestic policy. paul ryan and vice president joe biden have theirs next thurs in kentucky. michelle obama will make a trip to virginia to campaign for her husband. she'll visit loudoun county on the ninth. the announcement highlights how important northern virginia is in this race for the white house. tomorrow, president obama will be in fairfax county where he will speak at george mason university. turning to the weather -- >> it was wet early. it's drying out now. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with the forecast. >> a little sun now beginning to break out from west to east. it's going to continue to move
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on through during the afternoon, bringing in lower humidity. it's still a bit steamy. here is what's been happening over the last several hours. the light rain we had and now pushing across the eastern shore. the cloud cover is breaking up to the west and as the afternoon progresses, we'll get increasing sunshine. clearing in west virginia. a closer view showing the last of the light rain is around the bay and the eastern shore and continuing to drift off to the east. as these breaks in the clouds continue, we'll get the drier air, the lower humidity moving in. i'll have details on the changes for the weekend. we'll look at next week, too. the seven day outlook is coming up in a couple minutes. >> thank you. let's take a look at the midday traffic now. mike is in for danella sealock. hey, mike. >> things are looking good. interstate delays cleared up. 395 is looking much better.
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a lot of volume. here at the 14th street bridge, no back ups. a 12 minute ride from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. in maryland, here we are at nn new hampshire, no serious delays. >> everyone is trying to cash in on the nationals playoff. the cabbies can't run up prices on the cabs thanks to mayor gray. the $2 surcharge goes before the game and after the game. they rescinded the fee after the mayor said the charge was ill advised. police put hundreds of officers on stand by to prepare for the extra crowd. they say their regular duties and neighborhood patrols will not be affected. if all goes well, fans will make plenty at the nats park. they had a 5-1 win over the phillies yesterday. ryan zimmerman and moore smacked
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home runs. the nationals first playoff game is this sunday and either atlanta or st. louis, depending on who wins their wild card game tomorrow. the nationals may be off until sunday. the orioles will be in action tomorrow and their season will be on the line. the os face the rangers in texas in the american league wild card game. baltimore lost to the rays last night and the yankees beat the red sox. that gave the a.l. east title to the yankees. the orioles will play the yankees if they win tomorrow. lose and their season is over. we have two ballpark favorites at the station today. teddy joins us later in newscast. he is fresh out of his first ever in the president's race. he'll tell you how he did it. the lemonade shaker guy is here. he's a favorite. we'll ask how the fans in each city are different. two searches for missing
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teens. in maryland, montgomery county police are looking for this 15-year-old of rockville. he was last seen at the wheaton community center monday around 2:00 in the afternoon. 5'8", 210 pounds. he likes to spend time in the wheaton shopping center. if you have information about his where abouts, please contact police. the second search is in fairfax, virginia where another teen went missing on monday. this 17-year-old was last seen dropping off his brother at wt high school in fairfax. a short time later, his car was found a mile and a half away. police and bloodhounds are combing the area and have found nothing. inside the car was a receipt from dunkin' doughnuts. his father says it's unusual. >> he's still here somewhere. we have to find him. he hasn't run away. he hasn't tried to run away.
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>> as of now, police say there's no indications of foul play. police are casing an alexandria park for a person in an attempted sex assault. a man began talking to her and began to sexually assault her. derrick ward is live now. >> the assaults happened just up the road near a community garden. it's a heavily wooded area, heavily peopled. now, police want you to know it's heavily patrolled. police say it was about 9:45 on tuesday evening. a woman walking in this park was engaged in conversation by a man, also walking here. at one point, the man grabbed the woman and dragged her into a wooded area to sexually assault her. >> he was able to break free, run away and flag down an officer nearby and report the
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case. >> reporter: it's one of those green spaces tucked amid an urban setting. folks find it a welcome oasis. >> it's a park. >> reporter: there are those who find opportunity to prey upon the unsuspecting and the individual lent. >> i was followed by a guy. this was a couple years ago. he actually followed me up to my drive way right here. i did report it to police, but, you know, by the time the police get here, he's long gone. >> the park is no stronger to this. long time residents can point to scenes of assault and attempted assault. it's enough to make some steer clear. >> i try not to wk over here at night. i stay on the sidewalk across the street. >> be aware of your surroundings. walk with a partner or friend. let them know where you are going to be. if something happens and don't return, they know where to look
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for you. >> it tops the agenda of a planned community meeting. police do what they can to catch those who would bring terrorists. and strike fear. >> it's a nice resource. it's great but you do have to be careful. it's, you know, unique to hear about these things when they happen. >> reporter: now, after that attack on the jogger last month, police say they do not believe the two incidents are related. they want to point out, people need to be extra individual lent in the area in the daytime and at night. >> thank you. just a few minutes ago, fairfax county police released a sketch of a man for a rash of sexual assaults. they released this sketch. he's in miz hid-30s, dark eyes and neatly trimmed beard. it happened on hibbling avenue.
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a 15-year-old girl says a man grabbed her from behind and assaulted her. this is the fifth of such attacks to happen in the past month. all but one of the victims were teenage girls. >> it's 11:11 now. coming up, what nasa's curiosity rover did from mars. social media is involved in this. plus, problems at the reflecting pool after
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a gap is opening up in the closely watched senate race. a new poll by nbc news, the wall street journal shows democratic tim kaine leading george allen 49% to 44% among likely voters. it breaks a deadlock the two candidates were in three weeks ago when they each received 46%
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of support in the same poll. one of the largest tech companies could be coming to d.c. microsoft is one of three companies chosen to develop a campus on the campus of st. elizabeth's hospital. the mayor hopes this will turn the city into a center of innovation and generate jobs on the poorest part of the community. no word on when the companies will move in. nasa mars rover is addicted to social media. it used four square to check in at the gayle crater and left this picture and a tip. curiosity wrote mars is cold, dry and rocky. extra moisturizer and sturdy shoes would be a good idea. oxygen for those of you who breath. this is the first check in. tom kierein joins us now. did you check out that tweet? >> i love that. what's amazing to me is the
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quality of the imagery we are getting from mars millions and millions of miles away in this hi-definition. it's like being there and looking at it yourself. >> amazing. >> i have some curiosity about this weather change. >> yeah, we have a wonderful change on the way. feeling like summer the last 36 hours or so. speaking of beautiful images, look at this photo taken by a co-worker in annapolis at sunset last night. look at that. isn't that spectacular? here, then, this was last night. in southern maryland, this morning, a gorgeous rainbow. you can see a faint double rainbow as there were a few breaks in the clouds there. a little bit of light rain buzz moving through. post your photos to there's the sky over the washington monument. it's cloudy. there are a few breaks in the
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clouds. it's still humid. a dew point of 70. it's the steamy humidity we have seen. as we look at other temperatures, out of the mountains where they are getting more sunshine now than we are here. locally around the bay and the eastern shore, it's in the mid and upper 70s there. upper 70s gonna be the story to near 80 in the afternoon. as the morning progressed, most of the rain is long gone. actually, the bay and heading to the eastern shore. these dark areas, we are getting breaks in the clouds. sunshine breaking out now. more areas of sunshine. farther to the west, here is the wider view. this is associated to the front with dry air behind it. it's drifting over top of us here as we get into the latter part of the afternoon. this next front in the upper midwest, this is a stronger cold front. behind that, it is much colder. it's snowing now in northern parts of minnesota and up into
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north dakota. they have already had four inches of snow in parts of eastern north dakota in the last three or four hours and as we go forward, we'll have this clearing sky during the latter rt of the afternoon and a clear night tonight around 6:00 tomorrow morning, nice and clear. as we get into the evening hours on friday, mostly clear. saturday, sun in the morning. during the afternoon, a few clouds and maybe a few sprinkles as the next front comes in. a weak area of low pressure coming along that bringing rain for sunday. for the rest of thursday, expect a few breaks in clouds turning less humid. near 80 by mid afternoon. mid-70s early evening. overnight tonight, under a clear sky. 6:45, it will be turning less humid, dropping to the mid-60s by midnight. down into the 50s by dawn on friday. lots of sun tomorrow. a gorgeous day.
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afternoon highs 80. sun in the morning 60 at dawn and mid-70s for the afternoon. a small chance of a quick-moving shower late afternoon saturday evening. chilly rain sunday. highs around 60 sunday with occasional showers. good weather to stay inside and watch the game. >> hopefully the weather is better in atlanta or st. louis where the nationals begin their playoff series. >> yeah, it's going to be fascinating to see what happens there. we don't know where they are going. >> a check on the midday traffic with mike. >> what's the latest? >> things are looking good out there right now on the interstates. a lot of the construction not in the way. take a look at 66, which is fantastic. no serious back ups. a live look here at chain bridge road. inside the beltway and falls church, no issues there. a seven minute ride on eastbound
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66 at 53 miles per hour. barbara, keith, back to you. >> thank you. 19 minutes after 11:00 is the time. still ahead, he's a favorite at baseball games in our area, the lemonade shaker guy ready to pump us up for the playoffs. >> how do you top that? >> how to add a kettle ball to our workout and tells us about the benefit. >> here is a look at what's hot on
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just about everyone has baseball fever this morning. the nationals the top seed. the orioles headed to the postseason for the first time since '97. one guy knows both teams and their fans, the crazy guy mark, the lemonade shaking guy. for people who have never seen you at the game, what gets their attention? >> the attitude, the energy. when you go to a ballpark, orioles and nationals you have to throw a lot of energy.
11:24 am
they are there to have a good time. that's the number one reason why they are there. give them the best time in the world. it's about putting a smile on their face. that's what i plan on doing. here is the playoff, baby, yeah. >> we can tell you are fired up. >> i'm fired up. are you fired up? >> i'm fired up. let's do it here and now. i have to get you outfitted. >> i'm missing a lens. >> no, you're not. yeah, yeah, yeah. now, make a little noise. it's playoff time. >> i got mine. >> shake it up. you have to help me. i have to get fired up here. >> all right. >> yeah. right here, right now. are you fired up? >> i'm fired up now. >> yeah! okay. mr. shake it guy. >> mr. shake it guy. >> shake it already. >> shake it already.
11:25 am
>> it's playoff time, yeah. right here, right now. a little taste. >> a little toast with your lemonade. >> wait a minute here. put it up in the air. >> all right. >> a beltway world series. >> beltway world series! >> the difference between baltimore fans and nats fans. >> you have to remember, two stadiums. you have the iconic camden yard and the beautiful nationals park. they both do different things. look you have the president race, you have the cheerleaders down in nationals park. it's iconic. at camden yard, you have the yard. they are different. when you go to the stadiums you look forward to it because it's something different every time. >> give us one last cheer. i know you are rooting for a beltway world series.
11:26 am
>> let's go, orioles, nationals, right here, right now in the nation's capital. yeah! let's do it ladies and gentlemen. when you come, i want to see not a little noise, a lot of noise. get off your feet and let's have some fun, fun, fun. >> you got me ready to have some fun. >> i'm fired up, baby. >> we'll look for you all postseason long. >> come right here and national stadium. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> the lemonade shaking guy. if that's not a reason to watch the postseason, nothing is. coming up, why people are out this morning with shovels and brooms at the reflecting pool. plus, is fast food making your children less smart? we'll have the result from a new study. tom kierein looks ahead to the weekend. weekend. wille.
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the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars.
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right now, president obama and mitt romney are campaigning after the first presidential debate. the president is holding a rally in denver before heading to the university of wisconsin in madison. romney is with paul ryan in virginia. national park service crews are working to solve an algae problem at the reflecting pool. tony tull is by the pool where they are dealing with quite the clean up there. tony? >> reporter: they are. good morning. the national park service said they were going to drain and clean the reflecting pool, everybody thought it wasn't going to be a big deal. look over my shoulder. over 100 workers using hoses, shovels, brooms and high powered vacuums to get t algae out of there. it's a bigger problem than anybody anticipated.
11:31 am
>> it's slippery when you walk on it. it sticks to the bottom of the shovel. >> it's the last thing they wanted to do after the republican novation to the reflecting pool, tack on another $100,000 service to the invoice. >> it's frustrating to the national parks service. we did not expect to have to do it so quickly. this is a maintenance problem. >> reporter: after a battle with the algae problem, they took the advice of biologists and water management experts and drained the pool. >> probably another day or two with the manpower we have. >> our company has five or six guys and 100 freelance companies. >> we came here to see. we are very disappointed. >> reporter: it will take a few days to clean and refill the pool. they will increase the ozone in the water. >> we are sure how much to
11:32 am
inject to kill the nutrients that feed the algae. we more than doubled the level. we think we have it right. >> it's still gorgeous. it's still just -- i can't believe i'm here. >> reporter: barbara and keith, the national parks service says they are using a high-tech filtration system. once they get it filled up, no more problems. tony tull, news 4. >> thank you. a meningitis outbreak is expected to grow as health officials track down more patients who got a contaminated steroid shot. 25 people are sick in five states including virginia and maryland. four died. a pharmacist in massachusetts was the supplier. it has since closed. experts say the form of meningitis is not contagious and was caused by a fungus found in mold on leaves. >> we are going to check in with tom kierein to get a check on the foerk.
11:33 am
>> he's outside on the weather deck. how is it going? >> it's a little less humid. after a steamy start this morning, it felt like a midsummer morning rather than an autumn one. now, leaves are falling from the oak over us. there's the live view from the city camera. you can see a lot of cloudiness over washington. there are breaks in the clouds and sunshine breaking out around the region. as we go back over time, the area moving color, that's where we have the light rain now that's dissipating. the darker patches is where the sun is breaking out and we will have increased sunshine as we get into the afternoon. right now, it's into the low and mid-70s throughout most of the region. reagan national at 76. mid afternoon, 80 degrees as the drier air continues to move in. winds shifted to the west and will shift to the northwest bringing in more dry air and in place tonight as we clear out. by dawn on friday, to the upper
11:34 am
50s. tomorrow, a bright and sunny day with low humidity, absolutely gorgeous. afternoon high of 80 degrees. the average high is 72 this time of year. a little above average saturday afternoon with increase in clouds and passing shower into the afternoon and evening. a likelihood of chilly rain on sunday. highs reaching upper 50s to near 60 with showers through the day. we dry out and get chilly on monday, tuesday and wednesday. in the morning, down into the 40s. then -- >> thank you, tom. many people are off on monday for columbus day and metro is taking advantage of the time for track maintenance. they are going to do maintenance on the red and orange line. the orange line will share a track between stadium armory and
11:35 am
cheverily. the work should done by monday. >> let's check in on traffic with mike. any changes? >> big delays early this morning. things cleared out. you are looking great on the beltway. let's look at 270 south. no serious problems now. just green lines all the way down. here weir at clarksburg. no serious back up. to the beltway, a two minute ride to the spur. the beltway in virginia here we are. construction each way, none of it causing back up. >> that's what we like to hear. a new study shows children who eat fat have a lower iq. parents with a higher socioeconomic status made meals with fresh ingredients. they looked at the source of broader meal types rather than specific foods. small pieces of exercise
11:36 am
equipment will help intensify your work out. we are joined by our fitness expert to talk about adding a kettle ball to your routine. good morning. you brought along a guest. >> jenny introduce yourself. >> i'm a trainer. >> danszing? >> yeah. >> you don't use the kettle ball for dancing. >> you can. >> let's talk about using the kettle ball. you can use it for anything. >> tell us about the exercises you brought to show us. >> we want to show how to work the upper body, lower body and shoulders. we can start on one now. where are they? they are very cute now. >> it's not the hard steel. >> that's really nice. the girl colors there. what are we going to do with it? >> start with the first one. we are going to do something called the windmill.
11:37 am
ready? the windmill allows you to work that side muscle. stretch and you work abs, and your shoulders. it's a great stretch. >> would you consider using two of those? >> one because if you use two, it's going to put too much stress when you pull the other one up. >> just change sides. >> ten on each side. >> all right. a squat and front raise. >> squat and front raise. here, let me show you this one, barbara. you squat down. as you pull up, a nice smooth motion. it's the motion that counts. strict technique. she's working quads, abs, hips and shoulders. let me show you a way that could be detrimental to you. that's dangerous. >> how much does that weigh? >> this one is -- >> let me see how it feels. >> five pounds.
11:38 am
>> okay. >> this is enough to do a full work out? >> full work out. >> let's go to the next one. >> it's an upright. this one, in the front, she's working shoulders. keep ongoing. outside of the shoulders now. if we turn around, watch this, she's working the back. the thing about it is with the hand 8, it's easy to use the weight. >> yeah. looks good. she looks good. all right. we have one more called the shoulder press. >> yeah, again, working the shoulder. put it in the hand here. as you see, she's going up and everything starts with the core. people don't realize, any exercise you do, you trim the core down quick. >> it's slow and deliberate. >> like a two-count of thousand one, thousand two, thousand one, thousand two. switch hands. ten on each hand. >> the entire work out, go through several repetitions? >> three to four sets.
11:39 am
you can do these while you are watching channel 4. >> there you go. all right ten on each side and you go through the whole repetition. you have four exercises there. anybody who missed them or wants to see them again they are on our website, there she goes, you do a great job. >> thank you. >> i want to see you dance with that. a wellness tip? >> pa pie yas are great antioxidants with vitamin c, e and they are great for this time of year because you have the pollen counts. it's supposed to alleviate a lot of the -- >> i was losing my voice at the top of the show. jenny, so nice to meet you. i like the dance you do with the kettle ball. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. it's 11:39. we are going to see you race. i have to tell everybody we are going to see you race teddy for
11:40 am
the nationals. >> he's in great shape. >> we have to work on him. get him going with the kettle ball. >> teddy had to leave. >> you are going to see if he's a one-time winner there. thanks a lot. still ahead on news 4 midday, teddy pays us a visit after his win yesterday. plu, not just the movies, the red box testing out selling want to try to crack it?ing yeah, that's the way to do it!
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red box is hoping the next time you pick up a dvd you grab concert tickets as well. the red box machines will sell tickets to live events along with dvd rentals. tickets have a 1 service fee. it's a way to help sell tickets to event that is might have a hard time selling out. they are testing it in philadelphia with hopes of expanding to other areas soon. facebook was 1 billion
11:44 am
users. the company's founder is optimistic for the future of facebook. he had his first u.s. interview today since taking the company public in may. he says even though the company lost billions, he wants to make the best product possible for users. >> i take this responsibility seriously. we have a philosophy that building the product and services and building the business go hand-in-hand. >> he talked about his wardrobe that mostly consists of gray t-shirts. he says he probably has 20 of the same shirts he's wearing there. you can watch the full interview with mark zuckerberg on "rock center" at 10:00 p.m. here on nbc 4. the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits rose last week. we have more on that and the day's business headlines. >> how you doing?
11:45 am
we have the major market averages higher after encouraging news on jobs and consumers spending more money. checking the averages at this hour, the dow is up 66, the nasdaq is up nine. the number of americans seeking first time unemployment benefits rose last week to 367,000. that was actually fewer folks seeking first time benefits than expected. now tomorrow we get the full jobs report from the labor department updating the unemployment rate and overall job growth. retailers including costco and limited ahead of wall street. overall sales up 3.6 at the major retailers. at costco, up 6%. it happened despite higher gasoline prices taking a bigger bite out of prices. stocks making big moves, hewlett packard making investments after saying the firm could struggle.
11:46 am
the stock is down 3%. marriott international up 3% in early trading. the chain operates ritz carlton and the courtyard. net income topped $143 million or 44 cents a share. a year ago, marriott lost $179 million in the third quarter. probably a few smiles over at the bethesda headquarters today. keith, back to you. >> thanks for stopping by. >> you got it. this week, we have the kind of story we love to tell. one with a happy ending. a lot happened since we met demarcus. he's taller, for one thing. the great thing is the right family happened to be watching. hi. you may remember this adorable 7-year-old we met three years ago. he delighted us with his personality and talked about
11:47 am
hoping to one day have a mom and dad. you have grown up a lot since i saw you last time. >> i know. >> you brought some folks with you this time. >> yes. >> who is that? >> my mom and dad. >> would you introduce them to me? >> this is linda and this is mark. >> what do you call them? >> mom and dad. >> he learned the art of frosting cupcakes, so we decided to go back to georgetown cupcakes, this time with his new parents. what is it like to have a mom and dad now? >> it's awesome. >> he remembers the cupcake swirl and his parents caught on very quickly. as a team, they were turning out one sweet treat after the next. belinda said she and her husband were foster parents in the past. three years ago, they decided they wanted to adopt and called on d.c. childnd family services. i ran into that cute smile.
11:48 am
as soon as i saw that cute smile, i was like we have to get him. >> they say their lives have been enriched since he came into their home. >> having him has been really a joy to us. >> they say their new son is terrific. while they had a full life before, demarcus is like the icing on the cake. life is pretty sweet, huh? >> life is sweet. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations to you, too. >> thank you. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hot line, 888-to-ado 888-to-adopt-me or >> a true success story. >> he was so cute. still so cute. i have a bunch more. >> happy with his new family. coming up, a preview of bill
11:49 am
o riley against jon stewart.
11:50 am
11:51 am
in today's weekend scene, it's sure to get a few laughs. we are here with high ligs. good morning. >> hi, barbara. >> a lot of people were watching the debate. sr. for those of us looking for comedy, you cannot miss the
11:52 am
saturday of rumble. it's featuring jon stewart versus bill o'reilly. they are buddies. it should be funny. they are going to be here in washington. tickets are about $100. they are all sold out. you can see it if you go to you can download it and watch it at home. >> you can watch it after the fact, right in. >> no, live. >> great, fantastic. moving on to another big story, the nationals big win. what is going on in addition to just the win and the run we saw teddy win. >> absolutely. you want to see the nats play. head for the championship is an exciting time. there's probably not any who voted in the district. this is a bar nats fans have been going to for years.
11:53 am
there's a funny drink special called a cortisone shot. it's $5. it's not for me, but definitely a popular drink. >> a winner. it can put you out. >> that's why it's called the cortisone shot. you don't feel any pain. the emerge art fair is back at the capital skyline. art fare is something that brings collectors and consumers and galleries together all in one place. this year, featuring a lot of performances including one guy floating in the pool for 36 hours straight on a coffin. >> wow. >> a lot of performance artists. it's a lot for people who aren't there. >> he's not going to get off that boat for 36 hours. >> that's what he says. >> you have to go see it. it's happening at the capital skyline. the art fare opens tomorrow at noon. >> no breaks.
11:54 am
not going to take breaks. >> that's what he says. >> it might be worth going out there to see if he can do it. thanks so much. good to see you. for more ideas for your weekend, log on to, click on the going out quid on the pat lawson muse joins us with a preview for this afternoon. >> coming up at 4:00, ashton kutcher gets punked. somebody plays a prank on him. police aren't laughing. police in florida chase two unusual suspects, a six foot tall bird looking for love in all the wrong places. a teaching strategy getting remarkable results. i'll take you inside the classroom of the teacher of the year. his teaching philosophy is simple and effective. it's getting a lot of attention. we'll have that today on news 4 at 5:00. >> can't way to see you then.
11:55 am
>> it's time for a check on the forecast. tom, is it really getting sunny out there? >> sunshine is breaking out. humidity is beginning to drop. it's improving toward the weekend. lower humidity with a high of 80. overnight, clear and down to the 50s. tomorrow morning near 80. tomorrow afternoon a gorgeous day on friday. call in sick. saturday highs in the mid-70s, maybe a shower in the afternoon or evening. looks like it's going to be wet and cool for the skins game sunday. >> okay. thank you. the winner is going to be -- >> after six years and 539 tries, teddy is finally victorious. before the race, teddy was given a pair of shiny yellow underarmor shoes that seemed to do the trick. we decided teddy needed an extra test, just to make sure his
11:56 am
first win was legit. he joins us here to race our fitness guru. >> was yesterday a fluke? absolutely not. it wasn't a fluke. you weren't aided in the win? nobody gave you an unfair advantage? meet steve hayes. >> teddy. >> look at those guns, teddy. teddy, look at that massive bicep. we need to provide the folks some proof, definitive proof that yesterday was no fluke that abe, george washington and thomas jefferson will never win again. >> teddy looks like he's in great shape. look at this frame. this is a frame of an athlete. super athlete, right, teddy? want to take a sprint around? one more sprint, you and i.
11:57 am
>> he says you're going down. that wasn't sportsman ship. he says you're going down, steve. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> are you ready, teddy? he's like no sweat. one, two, three -- >> let's go, teddy. >> it's neck-in-neck. >> steve is huffing and puffing. >> just like yesterday. come on teddy. come on teddy. i think that was a photo finish. >> teddy's been working out. it's a good 120 meters that he sprinted and i tell you, that's not exactly no weight on him that he's carrying around. >> teddy, tell abe, tell george, tell thomas jefferson to step aside.
11:58 am
it's your world now. it's the nationals world. we are going all the way and you are going all the way. thank you teddy. thank you for inspiring the nation and thank you for inspiring the nationals. >> i hope jim vance is watching. >> teddy is ready to take down the world. he is ready. >> looks like he is. >> that's news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for the days news. >> we'll be back tomorrow at 11:00. until then, have a terrific day.
11:59 am
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